Things to do in Saskatoon

With an area population of over 300,000, there are so many things to do in Saskatoon. Answering the question “What to do in Saskatoon” is challenging because we are slightly biased. Bowling, of course! Hunter’s has provided Saskatchewan with countless hours of fun and entertainment for over 75 years!

Fun things to do in Saskatoon

At Hunter’s, we know bowling. So, when you need ideas of fun things to do in Saskatoon, we have them. Whether you are looking for family fun or something to do on a date night, below are some ideas to make your leisure time more enjoyable.

Date Night Ideas

Looking for a fun date night idea? Why not go bowling? It’s a classic activity that’s sure to bring out your competitive side, and many bowling alleys offer food and drinks too. Plus, it’s a great way to break the ice and get to know your date better. Want to make it extra special? Contact us for a date night packages with things like roses, chocolate, and a bottle of wine.

Make it more fun with these date night ideas:

  1. Double Date Tournament: Team up with another couple and hold a friendly competition to see which duo comes out on top.
  2. Score Bet: Whoever scores the lowest in each game treats the other to a dessert or drink of their choice.
  3. Retro 70s Night: Dress up in vintage outfits, play 70s music, and groove to the retro vibes.

Things to do with Friends

Gather your friends for a fun night of bowling with these exciting activities to enhance the experience. From friendly competitions to themed outfits, make your bowling night a memorable one.

  1. Themed Costume Night: Everyone dresses up according to a chosen theme—whether it’s movie characters, decades, or wild patterns—and the best costume wins a prize.
  2. Blindfold Bowling: Take turns bowling blindfolded while teammates give (often misleading) directions, ensuring lots of laughs.
  3. Strike Dance-Off: Every time someone gets a strike, they do a victory dance, and the most entertaining one wins a fun award by the end of the night.
  4. Swap Lanes: After every frame, move to the adjacent lane. This rotation keeps things fresh, and you might even encounter unexpected challenges on different lanes.
  5. Pin Prediction: Before each game, everyone predicts their final score. The one closest to their prediction without going over at the end wins a small prize or gets bragging rights for the night.

Family Activities

Enjoy a night of family fun suitable for all ages with a bowling night. Bring the whole family and experience the thrill of knocking down pins while creating lasting memories together.

  1. Bumper Fun: Turn on bumper bowling so the youngest players (or those young at heart) can enjoy the game without the frustration of gutters.
  2. Relay Bowling: Form two teams, and have each player bowl just one ball per frame. The next player picks up where the last left off, promoting teamwork and ensuring everyone stays engaged.
  3. Sticker Rewards: Bring a sheet of stickers. Every time a child (or adult!) accomplishes something (like a strike, spare, or even just a personal best), they get to choose a sticker. It’s a simple way to celebrate small victories and keep everyone motivated.
  4. Family Trophy: Have a DIY trophy or fun medal on hand. At the end of the game, the family votes on who the MVP was – it could be based on high scores, spirit, or just making everyone laugh!

Saskatoon Events

Looking for standout Saskatoon Events? At Hunter’s Bowling Centres, we have frequent promotions and fun activities in Saskatoon for the whole family. Find events like bowling tournaments, holiday parties and the annual “Kids Bowl Free” event all summer long.

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